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1. How to get to San Gerardo de Rivas?
To get to San Gerardo de Rivas there are two buses that leave the main bus terminal in San Isidro del General...

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2. Why are people investing in Chirripo?
In the Chirripo Mountain villages of Canaan, San Gerardo, Los Angeles, and Herradura, where clear rushing rivers and natural beauty are everywhere, living is easy and life moves at a slower pace.

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3. How’s the weather?
The Pacific Slope has rain between 3,000 and 4,000 mm, 120 to 157 inches a year...

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4. How to get tickets to go in to Chirripo National Park?
You can get the tickets to go into the Chirripo National Park through the phone number (506)27425084 or directly at the park office located in San Gerardo de Rivas...

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5. Which are the best hotel options in the area?
In San Gerardo and Canaan de Rivas there are several hotels, each one of them with its own unique character and price. ...

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Mountain Cottage

On a 10 minute trail, this mountain cottage is great for its privacy, quiet and pure environment.

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Crown Jewel

The Owner: “ I have lived and invested in Costa Rica for 15 years and have bought, sold and developed real estate. This property is one of the most unique properties that I have seen and is why I purchased it a few years ago...

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The Dream's Place

Located along the Rio Blanco, this beautiful property is the perfect spot to retreat. It has waterfalls, ancient trees, creaks and lots of space for gardening and building...

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