Rio Chirripo Realty - Faq - Which are the best hotel options in the area?

Which are the best hotel options in the area?

In San Gerardo and Canaan de Rivas there are several hotels, each one of them with its own unique character and price.

In order of appearance you will find: "Monte Azul", "Rio Chirripo Retreat", "Hotel el Pelicano", "Cabinas Marin", "Cabinas el bosque" "Hotel el descanso", "Roca dura" "Talamanca" "Uran" "Casa Mariposa" the last two are the closest ones to the Chirripo National Park entrance.

If you have a limited budget, the options that will suit you better are El Pelicano, Cabinas Marin, El bosque, El descanso, Roca dura, Casa Mariposa y Uran.

If you are looking for a fancier option Monte Azul, Talamanca y Rio Chirripo Retreat are the best options, eventhough, Rio Chirripo Retreat is focused mainly on lodging groups rather than individuals.

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