Regions along the Rio Chirripo River - Herradura



Herradura is known for the hot springs located there as well as its beautiful farms, gardens and river.
When one arrives in Herradura they are met by a sign declaring, “We are protecting more than one hundred and fifty springs ”
This Charming village is blessed with green peaks rising into the clouds, views of Uran peak and cypress forests.
The area of Herradura has taken longer to develop but it is flourishing. Tourism has increased in the last couple of years for the new route to Uran peak in Chirripo National Park and the construction of a lodge on this route.


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Mountain Cottage

On a 10 minute trail, this mountain cottage is great for its privacy, quiet and pure environment.

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Eco Farm in Chirripo

This farm is 80 acres near the Chirripo National Park. Extremely fertile with great climate....

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Green Field (Vendida)

In one of the nicest parts of the Los Angeles valley this beautiful farm is surrounded by green mountains and has a great view of the river...

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