Regions along the Rio Chirripo River - Canaan


Canaan “The promised land ” as it is described in the bible, is a beautiful little town, where life goes at a very slow pace.
Cannan is a land of rivers, mountains, birds and friendly people.The community is really small, there are about 100 people living here.

The people in Canaan get their incomes mostly from the coffee, cows and agriculture of vegetables.

For being further away form the entrance of the Chirripo National Park, tourism has not been exploited as much as in San Gerardo, where the main entrance to Park is.

In Canaan there is a secondary school that kids from surrounding areas go to. There is also a Cheese factory, a bar and a grocery store.



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Mountain Cottage

On a 10 minute trail, this mountain cottage is great for its privacy, quiet and pure environment.

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Green Field (Vendida)

In one of the nicest parts of the Los Angeles valley this beautiful farm is surrounded by green mountains and has a great view of the river...

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Crown Jewel

The Owner: I have lived and invested in Costa Rica for 15 years and have bought, sold and developed real estate. This property is one of the most unique properties that I have seen and is why I purchased it a few years ago...

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