Regions along the Rio Chirripo River - Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Santa Elena y Quizarrá are a group of small communities located 40 minutes from San Isidro del general. The Talamanca range of mountains surrounds this valley. There are several rivers and creaks that run through the whole valley.
One of the main attractions of this area is the 187-acre farm that Alexander Skutch bought 60 years ago. When Alexander died, the farm was turned into a biological reserve called "Santuario de Aves Neotropicales Los Cusingos." The farm lodges around 270 species of bird. Nowadays, it belongs to the Centro Científico Tropical. This institution wants to create a biological corridor with near by protected areas.
Besides its natural beauty one of the main advantages of this area is its convenience, just 40 minutes from San Isidro del General (also known as Perez Zeledon). At 2,300 ft. above sea level, Perez is a small city of 130,000 inhabitants. It is the central hub for the southern zone and is the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. Perez Zeledon and the Valle General is considered the best living in all of Costa Rica mainly for it’s bustling economy, moderate climate, low crime, no smog, plentiful goods and services, farmers markets and private schools...and quite famous amongst the Ticos for having the most beautiful women in all of Costa Rica (no kidding, just ask any Tico). The Pacific coast is just 45 minutes away. Perez is 3 hours Southeast of San Jose along the Pan American highway.


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