Regions along the Rio Chirripo River - Guadalupe y Chimirol

Guadalupe y Chimirol

        These two communities are very similar, they are the first two towns you get to after Rivas, they are very low key. They have a few grocery stores, soccer field and primary schools.
        The main activities in these towns are picking up coffee and growing cows for meat and milk like the case of La Pardita, which is a small company that produces dairy products for the town of San Isidro.
        The area of Chimirol has acquire popularity thanks to a beautiful artist retreat called Monte Azul, this place has given jobs to many people in the region and it is also a very good option to stay if your are in the area.
        All of these towns of the area of Chirripo are surrounded by lots of forests and they are blessed with lots of water.


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