Properties in the Chirrripo Valley for sale in San Gerardo de Rivas Residential Listing Eco Farm in Chirripo 1 Code: RIO-123 Medidas: 80 acres

Eco Farm in Chirripo

Code:        RIO-123
Category:  Residential Listing
Locality:  San Gerardo de Rivas
Medidas:     80 acres
Price:         489,000.00
Eco Farm in Chirripo

    This farm is 80 acres near the Chirripo National Park. Extremely fertile with great climate for comfort and organic farming. One of the most biodiverse areas of Costa Rica, perfect for the birdwatcher or nature observer.

     This lovely property has 15 acres of fruit trees (avocados, navel, orange, apricots, figs, apple...), 5 acres of organoc vegetable gardens and fish ponds, 30 acres of primary and secundary rainforest and 30 acres of current reforestation.

     It also has trout and tilapia ponds, waterfalls, mountain pristine streams, numerous natural pure water springs, abundant wild life, planning hydro electric plant.

     The house in the porperty is a beautiful spacius stone house with three bedrooms and a master suite, two bathrooms, Jacuzzi and two fire places. Adjacent to the house is a little sweet three-bedroom house.

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