Properties in the Chirrripo Valley for sale in Herradura Residential Listing The Dream's Place 1 Code: RIO-133 Medidas: 43 613

The Dream's Place

Code:        RIO-133
Category:  Residential Listing
Locality:  Herradura
Medidas:     43 613
Price:         259,000.00
The Dream's Place


Located along the Rio Blanco, this beautiful property is the perfect spot to retreat. It has waterfalls, ancient trees, creeks and lots of space for gardening and building.

The property has a cozy, country house made with exotic woods, with good views of the river, it has one bedroom, an office, kitchen, bath, living room and a porch.

  The land is gentle with lots of space for expansion. The creeks make it possible for people who want to make hydro-electric energy.

With the recently opened access to Chirripo National park through the Herradura route, this farm has great potential for developing an Eco-tourist lodge.

About an acre of the farm has a forest with amazing ancient trees.

The owner gives the possibility to sell parts of it or the whole piece.

Electricity and telephone are up to the house the rest of the farm does not have it, the drinkable water comes from another farm. 


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