Properties in the Chirrripo Valley for sale in Los Angeles Residential Listing Mountain Cottage 1 Code: RIO-137 Medidas: 3000

Mountain Cottage

Code:        RIO-137
Category:  Residential Listing
Locality:  Los Angeles
Medidas:     3000
Price:         150,000.00
*   Requerid field

Mountain Cottage

On a 10 minute, mostly flat-trail, this mountain cottage is great for its privacy, quiet and pure environment. 

The 3000 sq meters that it is on are fully landscaped with amazing tropical plants the owner has been gathering for years.

Walking distance to a clean river with wonderful swiming holes. Great viwes of the mouintain. The morning sun stricks directly in to the cabin. The places that aren't planted with beautiful flowers have fruit trees like peaches, bananas, avocatoes, oranges.

The place is located at an altitud of about 1500 meters, which allows for fresh air and great food gardening.

There is option to buy an adjacent 3000 sq meter piece if you wanted to extend the size of the property and have more gardening space.

The water for the house comes from a spring above the house and it is conected to the country's power and telephone lines.

The house is in great conditioned, it is about 3 years old and features two large bedroms each with a bath and a common area in between the two with fire place and kitchen. Floors are part tile part wood and the struture is part cement part wood. The house is very cozy. The house is at times rented and the owner gets about $100 a day.

This property is perfect for people who want to be retreated from the busy life and who don't mind to walk for ten minutes.




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